Bespoked Bristol 2018: all things Bikes and Beautiful

Bespoked is back in Bristol! Brainchild of Phil Taylor, himself a passionate frame-builder and cycling fanatic, Bespoked is the UK's premier handmade bike show. Nowhere else will you find a finer collection of customised beauty, lugs, plaid shirts and well groomed moustaches. Too good an opportunity to miss, we got hold of some cheeky press... Continue Reading →

The ups and downs of riding up and down

Since moving to Cardiff I've struggled to get out for more than 80km of riding. After a little bit of grumbling about this state of affairs yesterday evening, Meg decided enough was enough, and made me commit to leaving the house by 7.30(AM) and riding at least 100km, preferably with a big hill somewhere en... Continue Reading →

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